You can check in securely in our spacious lobby. The welcome is personal with respect to the safe, safe distance. A plexiglass screen offers you extra protection. There are various options for washing and disinfecting hands in the rooms. All areas are cleaned and disinfected daily.


Our hotel is spacious. Most rooms have a seating area. There is a mini fridge in all rooms. Breakfast is served in the room at no extra charge.


We serve breakfast in a paper carrier bag. You can have breakfast in your room, but in good weather you can of course also enjoy it on a bench on the dike or in the Leopold Park, both a stone's throw from the hotel. In our lobby you can get coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans. The Breakfast Bag consists of: white and brown rolls, croissant and chocolate cake, butter, chocolate, jam and honey, ham, young cheese, brie, smoked salmon, orange juice, still water, Actimel, fruit salad, fruit yoghurt, piece of fruit such as banana, apple , grape mandarin, hard boiled egg, napkin and cutlery.


we work with the cleaning checklist for the maintenance of the rooms. This list has been drawn up by specialists and is our guideline for making your room 'clean'.


° Air out rooms for cleaning. We ask the guest to open all windows upon departure. Only after 20 minutes of fresh air

   circulation, the room is cleaned.

° Thoroughly wash our hands before and after each cleaning. This with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

° We wear disposable gloves for cleaning. We take fresh gloves with every room. We wash our hands during the change.

° There is always a large stock of paper towels and disinfecting wipes available.

° We first clean everything, then we disinfect. Cleaning based on soap and cleaning products. Disinfection based on bleach.

   Our apologies for any short-term odor nuisance.

° We work with registered disinfectants. We think about the health of our guests and respect for the environment.

° Extra attention is paid to surfaces that are often touched. Light switches, door handles, remote controls and plumbing.

   The remote controls are decontaminated at check-out and packed in plastic foil.

° For the linen we work together with the Cailliau laundry. Here the bed linen is washed and bacteriologically disinfected.

   The baskets and carts for transport are also disinfected.

° The vacuum cleaner is emptied and disinfected after each use. Dishwasher and washing machine run a hygienic program

   every day.

° What is being taken care of:

- General: entrance doors, door knobs, trash can, keys, light switches if not automatic, handrails, remote controls, table tops,

   window sills and window handles.
- Kitchen: coffee maker, oven, pans, toaster, cabinet handles, cooking utensils, kitchen utensils, sink, sinks, etc.
- Bathroom: Taps, shampoos, conditioners, soap dispensers, showers, sinks, toilets, etc.
- Bedroom: hangers and luggage racks, bedside tables, etc.

We hope to greet you as a guest in a safe and hospitable manner. Still have questions or suggestions, please call us on

+32 59 70 53 06